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19" LCD All-In-One Security System with 4 Hi-Res Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Cameras
  • View your footage from anywhere in the world Online or on a iPhone® or BlackBerry® Smartphone
  • This all-in-one system has the DVR built into a stylish 19” LCD monitor, allowing you to save space
  • The included 500GB Hard Drive allows you to record over a month of real-time footage
  • This system supports up to eight cameras so as your monitoring needs grow so can your security system
  • 24/7 Lifetime Live support allows you to always have access to an expert

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The Sync security system is all you need to protect your business. This advanced all-in-one system has the DVR built right into the sleek LCD monitor, so you can monitor your property and save space. With four all-weather, night vision cameras and H.264 Compression, you can record over a month of real-time, flawless video. The four high-resolution indoor/outdoor cameras allow you to monitor around the clock, all year round and this system is expandable up to eight cameras, so as your monitoring needs grow so can your system. Equipped with multiple special features such as Picture in Picture viewing, an iCoaching menu, scheduled recording and multiple backup options, you can rest easy knowing your property is always protected.

View Online or on a Smartphone
This system allows you to check on your footage, no matter what time it is or where you are in the world. You have the power to access your DVR's footage over the internet1 or directly from your iPhone® or BlackBerry® Smartphone.

All-In-One Security System
Sync combines a vibrant 19" LCD monitor with a powerful DVR system. The compact design is sleek, stylish and easy to set up. The LCD DVR can even be wall mounted, allowing you to save even more space when protecting your property.

500GB HDD Records in Real Time
Using cutting-edge H.264 compression, you can record over a month of continuous video. The footage records in real time (30 frames per second), so that when you play your footage back, it streams flawlessly and ensures that you never miss a thing.

Helpful Coaching iMenu
As you go through the settings, information bubbles appear to describe what each option does. This helpful menu allows you to learn about all the amazing features your system has as well as allows you to set your system up quickly and hassle free.

Night Vision Equipped Cameras
Each camera comes equipped with 12 infrared LEDs allowing you to see any monitored area in total darkness, up to 15ft away!

Four Professional Grade Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
Each camera comes equipped with a Sharp® CCD image sensor which provides you with a clear picture at 420 TV lines of resolution. Made with professional grade aluminum and a sunshade to prevent glare and deterioration.

Protect your assets with Privacy Masking
The unique privacy masking option protects privacy and liability by allowing you to block certain objects from being viewed or recorded. Mask out employee rest areas or alarm systems where special codes need to be entered so that you and your employee's rights are protected.

Multiple Viewing Options
Multiple viewing options allow you to view eight cameras at once, four cameras in quad screen or one camera at a time. You can also cycle through each camera in sequence mode or view up to three cameras with the unique Picture in Picture option.

Multiple USB Backup Options
A built-in USB port gives you multiple back up options. If you want to keep footage for safety purposes or if you need to give the authorities footage, you can choose to transfer to a USB flash drive, external hard drive or an external CD/DVD writer.

    1. Requires broadband router and broadband Internet connection–not included. Internet Explorer® is required.
    2. Compatible with BlackBerry® Bold.
    3. Recording capacity may vary based on recording resolution and quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene. Based on a 500GB hard drive, using lowest quality settings.
    4. IR illumination range up to 15ft under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
    5. Although the cameras are water resistant, they are not waterproof. Cameras are not intended for use in direct exposure to water, rain or snow.
    6. USB flash drive, CD/DVD writer, and external hard drive not included.
    7. Video playback software is not Mac compatible.

    iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research in Motion Limited, Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and Sharp is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation

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