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8CH Smart Security DVR w/ 1TB HDD & 4 x Hi-Res Outdoor Dome Security Cameras with IR Cut filter & 4 Ultra-Hi-Res Security Cameras with 19" LED Screen
    • Easy to use
    • LED monitor included
    • View anywhere with an internet connection
    • Motion activated recording
    • 1 TB hard drive



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MSRP: $934.99

The natural choice for installers, contractors and those who demand ultimate peace of mind, SVAT® PRO can protect your or your client’s investment and keep your property safe and crime-free. This system pairs durable, vandal-resistant PRO cameras with sleek and modern dome cameras for a versatile security solution that’s perfect for any home or business. The 8-channel PRO DVR is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, including monitoring larger locations like building perimeters and parking lots, with hassle-free installation and ease-of-use that define the SVAT® experience.

1TB Delivers Four Years of Memory
The included 1TB HDD allows for continuous monitoring and can store over four years’ worth of recorded footage. Maximize available memory with motion activated recording and H.264 compression technology. DVR alerts will activate to notify user when HDD is full. Back up and transfer footage to USB flash drive or external hard drive via USB port.

Complete System with 19” Monitor
Have it all with a DVR surveillance kit that includes a super slim 19” LED monitor. Connect easily to your DVR system and begin viewing in seconds. View all cameras in full screen, quad screen, picture in picture or sequence by simply adjusting the DVR settings.

Ultra Hi-Res, Color Enhanced Imagery
600 TV lines of resolution bring you crisp, ultra hi-res video. In addition, when the lighting conditions are unfavorable our Advanced IR filter will automatically activate. The enhanced image processing filter purifies reds, greens, yellows and blacks, that may have otherwise appeared washed out or faded leaving you with superior color-accurate video footage important for identification purposes.

See 110ft in Complete Darkness with PRO Cameras
Experience high-resolution, low-light performance in zero illumination up to 110ft from the PRO camera”s position. 38 infrared LEDs automatically activate in low-light conditions, allowing for the clear identification of objects in complete darkness.

Sleek & Compact Ultra Hi-Res Dome Cameras
Ensure your surveillance system blends seamlessly into any environment with two dome cameras. The high-density black aluminum casing makes for a simple and clean installation with full-range 360° adjustability. Mount the on ceilings or walls for discrete monitoring at your home or business. Dome cameras feature 24 infrared LEDs for 65ft night vision.

Meet Building Codes with Fire-Rate Cables (FT4)
Achieve a clean and professionally-finished installation that meets building codes and insurance requirements* with approved fire-rated cables. Each PRO camera includes 65ft of FT4 rated black cabling, perfect for direct installation to walls and framework. (*Please check your local building code requirements and insurance policy.)

Monitor Remotely with Internet Connection
You will always feel in control when it comes to protecting your investment. Up to 7 secure user profiles may be created for your staff or loved ones enabling live viewing anytime, from anywhere via internet, smartphone, and tablet with the SVAT® PRO DVR. Review previously recorded footage from any computer with an internet connection as well. Email alerts, with photo, can be sent immediately or at your convenience when unexpected motion is detected by the system. You will always be able to see what you otherwise may have missed whether you are around the block or around the world.

Automatic Remote Viewing Setup
Our 1 Step Remote Viewing software application auto-networks your DVR in less than 5 minutes. Simply input your DVR’s IP address (found in the menu) into the connection program on your computer, click ’Sync to Router’, and 1 Step will automatically do the rest. This software is available as a free download for PC and Mac. SVAT® offers you the convenience of mobile viewing without any complicated instructions or hassle.

Rain or Snow Won’t Stop Us
Criminals don’t take the night off if it’s raining. Neither do our cameras. They’re weather resistant and ensure optimal picture quality no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you, be it rain, hail or snow. The professional-grade aluminum housing will protect against rust, deterioration and glare. No matter whatv’s going on outside, SVAT® will be ready.

Multiple Viewing Options to Suit Your Customized Needs
Setting up your viewing options for up to 8 cameras gives you the option to customize each area you wish to monitor. Custom name each individual channel so you can easily identify the location of activity. Use the Masking feature to block out a portion of the scene from an individual camera such as a cash register or safe while still seeing the activity around the masked area. Select the Covert feature to protect an entire channel from public or user viewing so only authorized viewers can see the activity in that location. Other viewing options include picture-in-picture, full screen, quad screen, 9 channel view, digital zoom and sequence switching. Each recorded area is complete with time and date stamp so you can search by event and find recorded footage from each area you are monitoring.

Monitor up to 8 Areas of Your Property
This system is ready for you to add up to 8 surveillance cameras allowing you to monitor every corner and doorway of your property. Ideal for businesses with a large staff and multiple storage areas or large residential and rural properties, an 8CH system allows you to have maximum monitoring locations both indoor and out. This DVR is also compatible PTZ camera.

Extremely Easy to Set Up and Use
With all the advanced features, you’ll be surprised by how easily a SVAT® PRO DVR Security System operates. The menu provides prompts and coaching to assist you in customizing the settings for your recording needs. Use your choice of mouse or remote for navigation of the easy-to-read icon-based menu. It’s so simple to use it will even begin recording as soon as it’s plugged in.


    Using lowest quality settings at 1 FPS

    IR illumination range up to 65-110ft under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application

    SVAT highly recommends the use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection for all products.

    Although the cameras are weather resistant, they are not weatherproof. Not for use in direct exposure to water, rain or snow

    Requires broadband router and broadband internet connection—not included. Internet browser is required.

    Must set up user profile in menu before using.

    SVAT® does not endorse any SVAT® products for illegal activities. SVAT® is not responsible or liable in any way for any damage, vandalism, theft or any other action that may occur while a SVAT® product is in use by the purchaser.

    We reserve the right to change models, configuration, or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.

    ©2013 SVAT®. All rights reserved. SVAT®, the SVAT® logo and other SVAT® marks may be registered. All other Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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