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8 Camera Security Camera System with 16CH 1TB DVR
    • See up to 50ft away with 24 IR LEDs that automatically turn on when its dark to ensure 24/7 monitoring
    • Enhanced focus lets you get a closer, clearer view of your monitoring area
    • A clear, crisp picture aids in the positive identification of suspicious individuals
    • The camera’s weather resistant housing allows you to mount the camera outdoors  
    • 24/7 lifetime live customer support is available through phone, email, and live web chat both before and after you buy.

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MSRP: $599.99

The SP500-C night vision camera is equipped with 24 LEDs, which allow you to see in the dark up to 50ft away, even in pitch-black settings. 420 TV lines of resolution work to provide you with a full color and incredibly clear picture. The enhanced 6.0mm focal length allows for a farther viewing distance, which allows for better facial recognition. The automatic night vision kicks in whenever it gets dark and turns off when it is bright to ensure 24/7 monitoring. You can monitor your home or business inside or outside as these cameras are built with vandal-proof aluminum housing that can sustain many weather conditions. With the SP500-C you can feel secure in knowing you picked a top of the line camera that will never miss a thing when monitoring your property.

Up to 50ft Night Vision

Always be aware of what is happening on your property, even in pitch black settings. The 24 infrared (IR) LEDs let you see in the dark up to 50ft away!1 The Night vision automatically activates when it gets dark and turns off when its light out saving energy and giving you around the clock protection.

Enhanced Focus

Get a closer view of your monitoring area with a 6.0 focal length that automatically adjusts to view subjects that are further away. This is beneficial when placing your cameras up high or monitoring areas that are further away. You will get a clean, crisp picture that is focused on what is important.

Clear, Crisp Picture

The high quality Sony® CCD image sensor in this camera provides a clear, crisp and consistent picture at 420 TV lines of resolution. This ensures that you will always clearly see what you are monitoring and allows for better distinction of facial features, which can aid in the positive identification of individuals.

Weather Resistant

The camera is built with aluminum weather resistant housing which resists rusting, deterioration and can weather any season2. The adjustable sun shield makes monitoring in any condition easy by preventing glare from the sun or other bright objects.

We�re Here For You 24/7 With Lifetime Live Customer Support

Assistance is available for you whenever you need it. Simply visit for illustrated guides, simple tips on how to protect your property, and instructional videos on topics such as camera placement. Our customer support team can be reached by phone 24/7, or by e-mail and live web chat services so that you will always have access to an expert.

Durable Mount

The included mount has been carefully designed to hide the camera wire since cameras can be targets of vandalism when their wires are exposed. Even, positioning the camera requires a special Allen key (Included) that locks the camera into place and prevents any unwanted camera movement.

Easily Connect to TVs and DVRs

This camera can be connected to your television, monitor, or recording equipment without difficulty. Since there is only one wire to connect, setting up live viewing is simple and hassle-free.

Endless Mounting Options

You have the freedom to mount your camera anywhere with the included 60ft video/power wire. This allows for lots of flexibility when installing your camera. You can also purchase an extension wire from and have the camera mounted up to 180ft away from the device it is connected to.


    Using lowest quality settings at 1 FPS

    IR illumination range up to 65-110ft under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application

    SVAT highly recommends the use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection for all products.

    Although the cameras are weather resistant, they are not weatherproof. Not for use in direct exposure to water, rain or snow

    Requires broadband router and broadband internet connection—not included. Internet browser is required.

    Must set up user profile in menu before using.

    SVAT® does not endorse any SVAT® products for illegal activities. SVAT® is not responsible or liable in any way for any damage, vandalism, theft or any other action that may occur while a SVAT® product is in use by the purchaser.

    We reserve the right to change models, configuration, or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.

    ©2013 SVAT®. All rights reserved. SVAT®, the SVAT® logo and other SVAT® marks may be registered. All other Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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